What is Young Minds Matter?

Young Minds Matter is a Children’s and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service, based in N E Lincs.

We work with children and young people if they need some advice or to get help for the things they think or feel.

We are able to offer emotional wellbeing and mental health support, no matter how unwell or lost you are feeling.  We can even help you if you just want some advice or to talk to someone.

It is really important you tell someone if you start to feel any aspect of your mental health or wellbeing has changed.  This means we can help you as soon as you start to feel unwell to stop you getting more poorly.

Who is it for?

Young Minds Matter is for children and young people having difficulties coping with their thoughts, feelings or life in general. We work with young people up until the age of 18.

We help children and young people with things such as:

  • Offering advice and / or coping strategies
  • Low mood/depression (feeling super sad)
  • Worries
  • Phobia’s (things that make you feel very afraid)
  • Obsessive thoughts (this is having to do the same thing over and over again)
  • Trauma (being very frightened about something that has happened and thinking about it all the time)
  • Self harm (hurting yourself on purpose)
  • Difficulties with eating

Who will see me?

Our team includes: Mental Health Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Social Workers, Counsellors, Art Therapists, Assistant Psychologists, Wellbeing Practitioners, Peer Support Workers, Support staff and Admin staff

Practitioners – specially trained staff who have lots of experience working with how children and young people think and feel.

Peer Workers – these are people employed with the service who have lived experience of mental health & emotional wellbeing challenges.

Psychologists – these are specially trained staff who know lots about different therapies and behaviours.

Psychiatrists – special doctors who have extra training in what makes people feel different things; they know a lot about medicines.

Group Workers – they run our group therapy sessions.  Groups are usually lots of fun and it’s always good to know that you are not the only one who worries or feels sad.

Here at Young Minds Matter, we promise there are no white coats….actually it’s not that scary at all.

How can you help me?

There are loads of different ways we can help you manage your emotional wellbeing and mental health difficulties.

Your Lead Professional will talk about what is troubling you and work with you to agree what is important to you and how best to achieve it.

This could be done through talking therapies, group work, care planning, counselling, family work and / or medication.

Wellbeing Passport

The Well-Being Passport will be coming out to all young people who are offered an assessment.

It’s purpose is so you don’t have to keep telling your story over and over to different professionals and agencies.

Most of all, it is YOUR passport, and we hope you find it helps you when meeting with us here at Young Minds Matter!

To see an electronic copy of the Passport, you can click the link below:

Wellbeing Passport