Exam Stress

Exams, and the studying that accompanies them, can be a stress trigger for many students and pupils.

As we approach revision season, it can sometimes be challenging to maintain both perspective and balance.

Often, talking to others can help; there are also several online resources and materials that can be accessed.  We have sourced some useful articles and guidance, some of which may be useful for parents, guardians or carers, as well as those undertaking exams directly.

You are not alone! PAPYRUS Reports Rise in Students Seeking Help with Exam Stress

Tactics and Advice for Studying: How Can I Cope with Exams?

Planning Exams and Revision: Student Wellbeing

Support and Advice for Friends and Family: For Friends and Family

Student Mental Health & Wellbeing: NHS Choices


Recent Cyber Attacks

You may have seen the recent media coverage regarding the virus that has affected many computerised systems and networks across multiple NHS England and NHS Scotland sites, including Trusts.

Unfortunately,  Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is one of those affected sites.

Contingency plans are in place, it is very much “Business as Usual” as we strive to continue to provide services to our Service Users.

We hope full access will be restored soon, with minimal disruption to our service delivery.

Regular updates are being posted on our Trust website, keep up to date here LPFT News